What is Trance?

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There are a number of schools of thought here; one says there is no such thing as Trance and that what hypnotists and hypnotherapists think of as trance is just a deep level of relaxation, another says that we are in a Trance state all of the time and that what we perceive as reality is actually just a by product of trance. A third says that Trance is an altered state of consciousness and that in this state your awareness of reality is altered, and yet another believes that Trance is a defence mechanism designed to protect the mind from traumatic events where the mind can make better decisions about what is going on with reality.

What does this mean for hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Nothing.

Many hypnotists and hypnotherapists will try to get their clients into a ‘Trance State’ but it isn’t really necessary and pretty much all hypnotic suggestions can be made without the need for deep trance.

Some clients find themselves drifting off, like a daydream or that moment just before you fall to sleep, but a lot of clients notice little difference between being in a hypnotic state and being in their normally aware state.

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