How is Hypnotherapy Different from Hypnosis?

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Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis along with other psychological tools to assist a client in reaching a positive outcome in their life. Hypnotherapists can deal with weight loss, phobias, anxiety, depression etc and they will usually have training in some other psychological/psychiatric areas and can be medical professionals, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists. They see Hypnosis as an additional tool in the bag and they will use it in conjunction with other therapies.

Hypnosis is a set of tools and techniques in their own right and can be used for other things rather than a therapeutic outcome. Sports hypnosis is a just such a field where Hypnosis is used to improve the performance of athletes and doesn’t have anything to do with therapy and solving life issues.

Be careful of Hypnotherapists that offer other approaches (crystal healing, Angel therapies and the like) as you really need to question their qualifications as a professional therapist, a 10-day hypnotherapy course does not a Therapist make and being able to deal with the issues that are likely to arise in a therapists office often require rigorous training over a number of years often with professional supervision.

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