Could I be Assaulted During Hypnosis?

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Unscrupulous people will take advantage of any situation where they think they have control over someone and Hypnosis is no different except for one significant difference; in hypnosis the client is never ‘out of control’ and the hypnotist doesn’t have any special powers.

Since in hypnosis you are fully aware of your surroundings then any untoward actions by the hypnotist can be stopped and dealt with immediately.

Should this happen then a trip to the local Police station to report a crime would certainly deter any would be assailant that perhaps hypnosis isn’t the power trip they were hoping for.

As an aside there was a criminal case many years ago where a client accused the hypnotist of abuse claiming that she had ‘been enthralled by his hypnotic gaze’, however as the case progressed it became clear that she had started the liaison with the hypnotist and that she had decided to accuse him because she found that he was ‘close’ with a number of clients which she didn’t like.

This is a warning to the Hypnotist, follow a code of ethics or it’s likely to come back and bite you.

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