Hypnosis Scripts

Scripts: An Introduction

Within the hypnotherapy community the idea of the hypnosis script is often much maligned, with the comment being that ‘good’ hypnotists don’t need a script and should tailor their approach to each individual.


This can be a good approach, especially for those clients who are looking for a greater emotional connection with their therapist, however the use of a script or an ‘ad libbed’ therapy session has little impact on the efficacy of hypnosis.

The ability of hypnosis to initiate change in an individual comes from the client and not the therapist and the hypnotist act solely as a guide. Just as in travelling to a country you don’t know a guide book can be just as useful (and sometimes more useful) than a personal guide.

There is some benefit in using scripts for both the beginner and experienced therapist. For the newbie there is the comfort in the fact that they will have step-by-step instructions to a solid solution for their client. For the experienced practitioner a script can be helpful as a prompt to ensure that all of the bases are covered.

Scripts are not the only approach to hypnotherapy nor should they be thought of as evil by the profession.

The scripts within this site are free to use and copy, however if you wish to re-publish them or use them in commercial work then contact me prior to publication.

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