How to Apply the NLP Pattern Circle of Excellence

How to Apply the NLP Pattern Circle of Excellence

One of the earliest patterns to come out of the original NLP team it is designed to allow an individual to access a positive and helpful emotional state in any situation. It is a simple pattern that can be used by an individual at any time without the intervention for an NLP Practitioner. Once the pattern is learnt it can be modified to fit the needs of the situation and required emotional state.

Total Time Needed: 15 minutes


Step 1 : Identify Required State
Think of an emotional state that you would like to have on demand. This can be feelings of confidence or security, comfort or energy, anything that will help you in a particular situation. It can be useful to identify a problem or situation where this state will be useful.
Step 2 : Access the State
Remember a time when you were in an intense version of the state, if you want confidence then think back on a time when you were totally confident, if calm then remember a time when at total peace.

Fully associate (be in the memory) and then intensify the level of feeling using sub-modality shifts.

If it is a state that you have never felt, imagine what it would feel like. Use another person as a reference point.
Step 3 : Create the Circle
Imagine a circle on the floor about 1 pace in front of you (ideally you need space to be able to step into it and out the other side.)

It needs to be large enough for you to stand inside. Now you need to add some content to the circle, begin by make the following changes: Make the circle a colour that elicits the state, add 'objects' to the circle that enhance the feelings, Include and sounds or smells
Step 4 : Step in to the Circle
Step into the circle, intensifying the feeling as as move over the threshold. Fully associate into the state and notice the change, intensify and evaluate the circle adding anything that will enhance the state.

Modify the sub-modalities of the feelings, pay special attention to key sub-modalities shifting as appropriate to enhance the state.
Step 5 : Step out of the Circle
Step out of the circle making sure that you leave all of the feelings and thoughts within the circle. Return to a neutral state before moving on to the next step.

*It can be useful to take a break at this point.
Step 6 :Enhance the Circle
Add the additional items that you thought of in Step 4 to enhance the state change when stepping into the circle.
Step 7 : Test The Circle
Step in to the circle and accept the change in state and this time when you exit the circle bring the feelings out with you.
Step 8 : Take it With You
Pick up the circle and put it somewhere safe so that you can access the state whenever they wish to.

This can be an important step for some people who will tie the circle to the current location so that they can only enter into the state if they go through the Circle of Excellence in the place where they first experienced it. By taking it with them they can throw it down and step into it whenever they need to access the state.

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