NLP and Manipulation

There is a question about NLP that raises its head often: “Is NLP Manipulative?” and the plain answer is Yes it is.

Remember that NLP grew out of therapy and was originally developed as a way to improve mental health and personal behaviours, with that in mind it is clear that being manipulative was the whole point.

Manipulating someone so that they give up a destructive behaviour and take on one that is beneficial is positive in its action, however it is still manipulative. The question shouldn’t be one of IF it is manipulative but on of HOW is it used.

NLP and Seduction

I personally find the use of the tools and techniques of NLP within the field of seduction as rather distasteful and I distrust anyone who goes out of their way to learn NLP for the sole purpose of having sex. You can use NLP this way but it speaks more to the kind of person you are that you have to use such a technique to achieve your goal.

Unfortunately NLP is so effective and easy to use that it has become the staple for many of the Seduction Gurus, and they sell their own, edited versions (usually avoiding the name NLP completely).

NLP: The Loaded Gun

One thing to be aware of is that NLP has its limits, all too often I see TV dramas where someone has used NLP or Hypnosis to control the behaviour of someone to commit a crime. In reality it is impossible to make someone do something that they really don’t want to with NLP, so although it is manipulative human beings are fairly wise and self-preservation will always kick in over the power of NLP.

NLP are tools and techniques that create personal change and don’t allow you to take over others minds; sorry TV Fiction writers, doesn’t work that way.

The Final Word

As with any tool, NLP is only as problematic as the people that use it. It can be used to manipulate but only if someone want to use it that way and unfortunately there will always be unscrupulous people willing to take advantage of the innocent.

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