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Hypnosis Myth #9 – Hypnosis is Dangerous

Under hypnosis you will do no more than you choose to do, you will only say what you truly want to say. You cannot be forced or coerced into something illegal or immoral, you won’t do anything dangerous or life threatening.

Hypnosis is no more dangerous than listening to the radio or watching TV. The only difference is YOUR intention and the changes YOU want to make.

Being reckless is your choice, whether hypnosis is involved or not.

Two Cases of Hypnosis Gone Right

Over the last 40 years there have been a number of cases against hypnotherapists and stage hypnotist where someone has been ‘hurt’ by the acts of the hypnotist. Many have gone to trial, the vast majority have failed, here are a couple of typical cases:

Naughty but Nice: A young lady seeing a hypnotherapist for weight loss treatment accuses him of touching her inappropriately. When questioned whether she knew what was going on she replied “Oh Yes, I was fully aware…it was quite nice to get all the attention”. It transpired her complaint was that the hypnotherapist was seeing someone else and this was a way to get back at him. The case was dropped.

Self Destructive Tendencies: A man injured his back during a stage hypnosis show where he was used as a ‘plank’ between 2 chairs. When asked whether he was aware of the possible consequences he responded “I was worried that it would hurt but I thought I’d do it for a laugh!”. The stage hypnotist was acquitted.

There have been a few successful cases, however these are usually against non-hypnotists where the plaintiff has claimed the use of hypnosis in their complaint i.e. Doctors who have abused patients using powerful suggestion and relaxation rather than trance. In these cases it has been an abuse of power and not Hypnosis that has been the issue.

Hypnosis cannot make you do something you don’t want to, nor can it stop you from being an idiot if that is what you wish!

[su_box title=”Mental Health Issues” style=”glass” box_color=”#4564b8″]Should a hypnotist or hypnotherapist be working with an individual who has a moderate or severe mental health issue then they need to take extra care. It has been observed that (depending upon the issue) some people are extremely susceptible to suggestion and this has implications for the Hypnotherapist so it is important to get case history prior to any induction.[/su_box]

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