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Hypnosis Myth #5 – You Can Relive Past Lives

Past-Life regression can be big business for the hypnotherapist and there are a number of therapeutic approaches that use hypnosis with early-life regression and they can be beneficial, however in saying that there are a few things to bear in mind.

Early Life Regression

Grown-up Children: When a client is hypnotised for early-life regression their behaviours often become child like. Their actions, words and activities are not those of a child, but those of an adult pretending to be a child. They are not the children they once were, but the children they think they want to be.

False Memories: Early life regression clients will often create false memories based upon wish fulfilment rather than on reality. They will generate events based upon their adult personality and memory rather than access the original memories.

Past Life Regression

It’s a numbers game:
The first thing to be aware of with Past Life regression is the fact that there a 6+ billion people alive on the planet, which is more than there were in total for the first 10,000 years of human history. This means that only a very small number of people could have had a past life, and yet everyone who goes to a hypnotherapist for past life regression finds that they were someone (important!) in the past.

There are no peasants: Almost everyone who ever has a past life regression experience is someone famous, there are rarely any poor, sick or destitute individuals. No plague infested street cleaner, no faceless soldier killed in some forgotten battle, no child dying from starvation. Plenty of kings, queens, knights and famous people; even ones who aren’t dead!
It was very crowded in there: After having the 4th “Cleopatra” in a week it became clear that the ancient Egyptian monarch was probably nuts because of all of the different personalities she had rolling around in her head.

Both early-file and past-life regression are wish fulfilment and are based upon what the client believes or wants rather than empirical evidence. It is important for the hypnosis practitioner to understand this and not to put too much emphasis on the meaning or importance of such activities.

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