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Hypnosis Myth #3 – It’s Just Like Sleep

The classic image of someone under hypnosis is that of lying in a chair or on a bed with their eyes closed as if fast asleep, even the name ‘Hypnosis’ comes from the ancient greek for sleep, and yet hypnosis and the hypnotic trance has no relationship with sleep and the client is fully awake at all times.
The connection of sleep and hypnosis dates back to the work done by Dr. James Braid in the 19th Century, it was he who coined the phrase Hypnosis which was quickly picked up by the medical profession and connected with sleep. It was a connection that Dr. Braid was always unhappy with and in his later years he attempted to rename it, however by then it was too late and the connection stuck.

Although the hypnotic client will often be seen with their eyes closed, lying back in a chair their minds are always active and there their brain activity never reduces to the same level of the sleeping brain. Brain scans have shown that sleep and trance are very different and that the outward appearances are superficial and have nothing to do with the effectiveness of trance.

Hypnosis is not sleep and sleep is not hypnosis, although you can be given suggestions in your sleep they will not be taken up by the same parts of the brain as the hypnotic suggestion. Hypnosis is distinct and unique and needs to be treated as such.

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