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Hypnosis Myth #2 – The Hypnotist Takes Control

Perhaps one of the most common myths surrounding hypnosis is the idea that the subject somehow gives over control to the hypnotist. This is one of those myths that is regularly reinforced by the press, TV and the movies where you often see the subject of an evil rogue hypnotist forcing someone to kill the enemy whilst under a trance.
What makes for good entertainment often has little to do with reality and the power of hypnosis to take over control of someones will sits firmly in the fiction category.

If hypnosis were really this powerful then there would be considerably more money put in to hypnosis research than there has been;

If you could create a team of hypnotists that could make anyone do anything then you can be sure that the military would have invested billions of dollars in to it as it becomes the ultimate covert weapon.

Hypnotists would be the richest, most influential people in the world as they would be able to get anyone to do anything.

The study of hypnosis would be banned and any literature would be destroyed as this would be too powerful a tool to allow to fall in to the wrong hands.
The reality is far less exciting. Although a hypnotised subject will perform tasks that could be considered out of character (for example eating a raw onion in a stage show) they will not cross any personal moral boundaries. If someone isn’t willing to participate in a crime, then you cannot control them to do so. If an individual finds you repulsive all the hypnotic seduction techniques in the world will not make you attractive to them.

Hypnosis only works on subjects who are open and willing to accept the suggestions and trying to force control over someone is a sure fire way to end an hypnosis session.

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