NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Introduction

The NLP Practitioner Course is considered to be a basic introduction the the core concepts that make up NeuroLinguistic Programming and this course is no different. As you work your way through the training you will be exposed to the same information that you would get on a classical Practitioner program, the only difference is that you will not have the ‘hand-on’ practice that you get on a training course.

With that said, let’s make it clear, the actual practical element of a practitioner course although useful is never enough to take someone from novice to practitioner in the short period of a training programme. It is vital that you actually use the skills that you learn in the classroom out in the real world otherwise you will have gained very little (and probably spent a great deal!).

As an introduction, this course will cover all of the ground that you would normally find on the average NLP Practitioner Program, and just as on a live training course there will be exercises for you to go away and practice your skills.

At the practitioner level there isn’t actually a great deal to learn (nor for that matter is there much material in a Master Practitioner programme) most of the skills and knowledge come from the experience gained from using the tools and techniques within the programme.

One final note, this training programme is constantly evolving and I will be adding to it regularly so it is worth reviewing the course on a regular basis.

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