Advanced NLP Patterns

Resolve Internal Conflict

Sometimes we find ourselves with conflicting ideas or beliefs which hold us back from achieving what we want. This is often seen as a internal disagreement between ‘parts’ of ourselves. This pattern is designed to produce consensus of positive intent between the parts and create a way forwards.


  1. Identify The Conflict
    If you are procrastinating about something it is likely that you have some form of internal conflict regarding it, or perhaps you sabotage yourself in the attainment of goals. Whatever it is, identify it and recall a memory where this conflict occurred.

    e.g. Remember a time when you procrastinated about a particular activity and view the memory as an objective observer.

  2. Elicit 1st Positive Intention

    Move into the first perceptual position of one side of the conflict (e.g. the ‘active’ side). Step into the conflict experience and review the OPPOSING (e.g. the ‘procrastinating’ side) view from here. Notice what is being proffered at a sensory level.

    Focus on the positive intention of the OPPOSING behaviour including beliefs, values and objectives.

  3. Step Back to Observer Position

    Leave 1st position and return to the observer state. Break state and relax.

  4. Elicit 2nd Positive Intention

    This time move into first perceptual position of the 2nd side of the conflict (e.g. the ‘procrastinating’ side) and repeat step 2, this time getting the positive intention from that (e.g. the ‘active’ side).

  5. Move to Meta-Position, Consolidate and Integrate

    Move into a Meta-Position above the other parts and ask parts for solutions that are satisfactory for both sides ensuring that any concerns that the ‘parts’ have are dealt with accordingly.

    Identify as many solutions as possible that meet the needs of the ‘parts’ and ensure that all possibilities are ecologically sound.

    Consolidate the Meta-position view into a new ‘part’ as a combination of values and higher intentions of the conflicting parts. Bring this part into your body and accept it as an important part of resolution.

  6. Future Pace & Test

    Imagine a future point where this conflict would have arisen and use the new ‘part’ to create a result or produce action. Notice any ecological problems and adjust as appropriate.

    Test in real life and come back to this process when needed.

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