The Barnum Effect

What is The Barnum Effect

The Barnum Effect is the selling of fake miracle cures that have no scientific basis and are based on belief, superstition and historical mis-information. Although many of the people selling these ‘cures’ believe in them there is no evidence to show that any of these approaches actually work beyond the placebo effect.

Phineas T Barnum was a 19th Century Showman and Charlatan who coined the phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute“. His business philosophy was to sell people bunkum and hokum and to make a tidy profit. The ‘miracles’ he offered were illusions and were designed to make money without offering real value.

The therapies and cures listed here have their basis in wish fulfillment rather than real results, they are aimed at the “sucker”. If you wish to believe in them then that is your choice, as it is my choice to debunk them for what they are; snake-oil and smoke and mirrors.

I have an open mind about these things and if I can be shown real, physical evidence (beyond anecdotes) then I am more than willing to change my mind on any of these ‘therapies’.

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