The Barnum Effect

Natural Health Fallacy

We often see therapies and remedies that offer an ‘all natural’ solution which seems to imply that it is actually good for us. The connection between things that are natural and things that are good for us has been set in our minds over the years by the marketing men.

Tobacco is an all natural substance and yet we are clear that there are some real health risks to using it. Arsenic and Mercury are both found in nature, and over the year they have been used as remedies for many different ailments, yet we know that both these substances are highly toxic and tiny amounts can be lethal.

The idea that things from nature are good for us is one that appeals to our sense of rightness, the pictures of waving wheat fields, of bees flowing through the flowerbeds of cows in the fields are all shown as examples of the great bounty of nature. The flipside could show as many images that are just as natural but far less pleasant, deadly nightshade, jelly fish and sharks.

Although nature can offer us great things just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it MUST be good for us. We need to exercise caution and be selective over those answers that we select to improve our health.
When offered the natural option ask yourself just what that means…it may not be as good for you as you hope!

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