The Barnum Effect

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing claims that there is a mystical energy in crystals that can be released to heal a whole range of ailments. Like many ‘spritual’ therapies it bases its claims on Ancient Wisdom and anecdotal evidence neither of which should be the basis of a therapeutic approach.

Historically, crystals were thought to be magical because of their nature and structure and they were imbued with powers from the ‘gods’, this is based on ancient ignorance rather than any form of wisdom. Anyone with a basic grasp of geology or chemistry can tell you that crystals and the crystalline structure are nothing magical.

Over the centuries crystals came and went in popularity until the late Victorian era when there was an explosion in spiritualism and mysticism which entered into just about every area of popular 19th century culture. It is this legacy of myth and superstition which has embued the crystal with its ‘healing’ properties rather than any medical or scientific evidence.

Crystals have no more healing energy than a house brick, and I personally don’t see House Brick Healing catching on anytime soon. Crystals can be things of beauty but that doesn’t imbue them with any special powers, just the power to grab human imagination and creativity.

Keep crystal healing where it belongs, with the ancients and their wisdom, not in the here and now with our knowledge.

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